Nightly News   |  May 17, 2013

‘A lot more to be learned’ in IRS targeting scandal

Both Republicans and Democrats want to know why there wasn’t there better oversight of the Treasury Department, and why Congress was repeatedly misinformed even after asking direct questions. “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory reports.

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>>> also joining us from washington tonight, moderator of "meet the press," david gregory . tough to sort out here. any profiles in courage , and can you separate heat from light? how much real damage and how long does this go on?

>> i think it goes on for a while. republicans understand how politically powerful this scandal is. democratses agree as well. but i still think there is a lot more to be learned and lisa's reporting speakses to it. why wasn't there better oversight particularly in the treasury department . people in the white house are concerned even as the president takes heat for this. you had congress misinformed about this when they were asking questions about this last june. why didn't somebody do more about it in an election year when only conservatives were targeted? this question will keep on coming up. don't forget the 2014 elections are not that far away.

>> david gregory in washington tonight. we want you to know there will be much more on all of this. mitch mcconnell and dan pfeiffer will be among david's guestses sunday morning on "meet the press."