Nightly News   |  May 18, 2013

Tornado risk increases in the Plains

Tornado watches are already in effect until late Saturday for parts of Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. And forecasters say this violent storm system could stretch into the Midwest Sunday. The Weather Channel’s Kim Cunningham reports.

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this could be a restless night as a severe weather system fires up unleashing damaging thunderstorms and the risk of a tornado outbreak . tornado watches are already in effect for parts of nebraska, colorado, kansas, oklahoma and texas. forecasters telling us this risk could be us well through tomorrow as it moves east. folks in aliasville, texas may have gotten a preview last night when this tornado hit. residents hid in a closet and survived unhurt. we want to get right to kim cunningham.

>> weather warning now in parts of northwestern nebraska. dawes county under a tornado warning . this is just the beginning of it. we want everybody to be on alert, even through wednesday. here's we have the watches for the central plains . a lot coming together for this. something we haven't seen too much of this year. we have the dip in the jet stream . that we need cold air aloft, cold air coming in from new mexico. you put all that together, very unstable atmosphere, very warm temperatures. high humidity and you get severe weather and tornados. we're thinking we're going to see that from oklahoma city northward to fargo. even shear in the atmosphere. we have that at well to help produce the supercells. tomorrow, even a worse threat we're thinking. oklahoma city , kansas city , minneapolis, includes you for the threat of tornado, large hail and damaging winds and then monday as the front moves east, maybe a slight risk of tornado, a little less, but still, madison to oklahoma city , the severe threat is there, so looking at a severe weather outbreak tonight through monday.

>> thanks.