Nightly News   |  May 18, 2013

Dozens injured in Connecticut train collision

Officials toured the scene of a two-train collision in Connecticut that injured dozens of people and halted rail traffic from New York to Boston on Friday. NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

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>> thanks. another story we've been following all day, the collision of two commuter trains at the height of rush hour last night in connecticut. there were many dozen of injuries and michelle franzen has the latest.

>> reporter: we've learned tonight the fbi is no longer involved here at the scene. meanwhile, the ntsb says it could take up to ten days for them to finish their investigation on site and there is no estimate as to when this damaged stretch of track in the busy northeast corridor will reopen to commuters. the ntsb on the ground today in bridgeport, connecticut, assessing the mangled mess of train cars after two trains collided. both trains packed, 700 passengers on board at the height of friday's commute. including frank, who came back to see wreckage today.

>> nobody in my area was really hurt that bad, but they were shaken up.

>> reports show the metro north train was traveling east between bridgeport and fairfield when it derailed and was struck.

>> people fell out of their seats.

>> immediate chaos inside and a race for emergency workers to rescue hundreds of passengers.

>> had to smash a window for us to get out.

>> more 60 people were transported and treated at nearby hospitals and three remain in critical condition .

>> the damage is absolutely staggering. the sides of cars were torn away like ribbons of cloth. tons of metal tossed around like toy thipgs.

>> the ntsb isn't speculating on a cause, but says it will examine the wreckage, interview witnesses and crew members and sort through the so-called black boxes for critical information.

>> data recorders will provide us data on speeds and other parameters. the initial download has been made and that data is being analyzed back in washington.

>> meanwhile, the collision site remains close affecting service between new york and boston.

>> what is important to us is that the investigation be completed on site. that we edwin the work of removing the trains and restoring the track and cat nar system, all of which is going to take some amount of time.

>> senator richard blumenthal is also crediting one of the conductors on the train, calling her a hero. despite her own back injury, she helped passengers off the train.