Nightly News   |  May 18, 2013

Record jackpot up for grabs in Powerball drawing

Saturday night, someone who felt lucky may turn out to be the luckiest person in the world as they pick the numbers for the Powerball jackpot, now at $600 million. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> lucky may turn out to be the luckiest person in the world as they pick the numbers for the power ball jackpot and as we hear from miguel almaguer, perhaps no place is feeling the heat more than a tiny town near the nevada border.

>> on the edge of the california desert, the line snakes along the highway before it reaches the highway of the prim valley lotto store.

>> i'm here to win the money.

>> you'd think it was a guarantee the winning power ball ticket was being printed here. the wait, up to nine hours.

>> i had to come all the way across the desert to get here.

>> in neighboring nevada where there's no power ball , the vegas gamblers have ditched the strip.

>> i know i'm going to win.

>> with the jackpot at $600 million, power ball fever has swept across the country.

>> one ticket, that's all it takes.

>> 43 states plus d.c. and the virgin islands , play power ball . new yorkers are spending the most.

>> i just won $180 worth of power ball .

>> but the it's the recent addition of california where players have helped generate a historic jackpot.

>> in the golden state , they've shelled out over 100 million in green in the last month alone. the odds of wins tonight's jackpot, one in 175 million. to put that into perspective, she's got a better chance of becoming the next president and sadly to say, she's got better odds of being struck by lightning. but some winners are a guarantee. california schools raked in $1.3 billion for schools last year.

>> it is a small amount of the state funding for education, but everything helps.

>> and tonight, keep in mind --

>> if you don't play, you don't win.

>> if there's tho winner, the next jackpot could close in on $1 billion.

>> that might be enough money to make you stand in line in the middle of the desert.