Nightly News   |  May 19, 2013

Midwest under severe weather alert

Some of the largest cities in the Midwest are under alert in what could be a long night for the country’s heartland, The Weather Channel’s Kelly Cass reports.

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>>> weather meteorologist kelly cass is tracking the storms. kelly?

>> we're talking about tornado watches from the twin cities all the way down into oklahoma where we are not done with that tornado are warning just yet. we are seeing damage from that same storm when it touched down just to the north of oklahoma city . we're talking about a threat for later on tonight, including this area right here in the red. i-35 corridor, minneapolis to des moines under a tornado watch right now. all the way down into oklahoma city . the wichita area as well. definitely know where you're going to go if you are put under a tornado warning . these are very dangerous, large tornadoes that are expected to develop. then tomorrow we'll have to watch out for the same area. oklahoma city , over towards kansas city . unfortunately, joplin, you're in that red zone , as well. st. louis and even chicago we could be looking out for dangerous tornadoes . up towards madison, wisconsin as well. this is going to be a long night and of course tomorrow many more people involved in this as well. flooding is also a problem in parts of the southeast. lester, we've had several inches of rainfall.

>> it is going to be a long night, kelly cass ,