Nightly News   |  May 19, 2013

Return of the typewriter?

Enthusiasts are proving that typewriters have a place in the digital age, NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> seems like everything these days is digital. and so a story about communicating in a simpler way from a simpler time almost makes us feel sentimental. nbc 's stephanie gosk now on the return of the typewriter.

>> reporter: not that long ago, this was the sound of the workplace. the age of the typewriter. the brand names had gravitas. smith corona . royal standard . and the oiled glikens dp duerfer. these remarkables stood no chance against the digital exchange. or did they? at the mesa typewriter exchange is noticing a trend dplp now people using typewriters are dampb group and they love their typewriters. in the last few years i've had more and more interest from younger people.

>> reporter: not far from their english teacher has his opportunities write entirely on typewriters.

>> it helps you concentrate more.

>> reporter: there's no backspace, auto correct or spell-check.

>> you got to make sure you know what to say and it makes sense.

>> reporter: this classroom is home to dozens of machines.

>> 0 years ago if you collected a typewriter you were a town eccentric. now you can find people across the country interested in the same hobby. there are the famous collectors, high-profile users, and the modern day enthusiasts like this group in new york taking part in a type-in. an idea started by mike that's spread around the world. tell me what it is about typewriters that you like so much.

>> one, they're finely crafted. two, they're not meant to be obsolete. three, they only do one thing.

>> reporter: they type. that's it. with a little practice, this is so easy. i was ready for the speed contest.

>> go.

>> where's the 1? a rough start. i'm already losing. a lot harder than it looks. but i did finish. college freshman matthew sedoni was the fastest. that's his copy on the left and mine on the right.

>> when you're sitting at one you almost feel like you could be earnest hemmingway or something.

>> reporter: a revival of the typewriter, proving its timeless appeal. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york.

>>> and that's " nbc nightly news"