Nightly News   |  May 20, 2013

Moore residents await news of loved ones

Todd and Jennifer Tabor, residents of Moore, Okla., had to abandon their house and evacuate prior to the giant twister’s arrival. Without cell phone service, they are unable to find out how their friends and family are faring.

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>> among those evacuated. again, if you had a weather radio , if you had media available to you, if you could hear sirens there were warnings. otherwise it was a beautiful day prior to this. then the sky darkened, things got quiet and this mile-wide tornado base roared through town. i understand the tabors are standing by to talk to us. what were you first told, and how far are you from where your house is?

>> we're about approximately a mile and a half from where the house is. i was at work today and i saw this blow up, so i started heading toward moore . i was telling jennifer and my daughter they needed to get out of the house and take cover, it was headed their way.

>> did you live in moore during the '99 storm?

>> i didn't live in moore . i was in the area. i got to see the may 3rd tornado go by. i was off 59th and sooner road at the time.

>> jennifer , do you know anything about your neighborhood? do you know anything about friends and loved ones yet?

>> we have no idea. even worse is when we stand here, we see the helicopters, you know, above and we don't have any idea. or cell phone service isn't working. the people in the parking lot just waiting to go through. their cell phones isn't working.

>> what are you going to do for tonight?

>> um, whatever we have to do. if we have to go get a motel room, that's what we'll do. here, as soon as i can, i'm going to try to walk into the neighborhood, see if i can get by and see what kind of damage it's done and see if anybody needs any help in the neighborhood and what's going on.

>> well, i want to thank you both. this is a crazy day in moore , oklahoma. as we say, we fear some dark hours ahead. todd and jennifer tabor who had to abandon their house and evacuate prior to the massive twister coming through. thank you very much for joining us. we hope things are as good as they can be.