Nightly News   |  May 20, 2013

Roker: Tornado damage resembles Joplin, Mo.

NBC’s Al Roker reports from Moore, Okla., where he says people are milling about, with shocked looks on their faces. They have not seen anything like this since the May 3, 1999 tornado that hit the area.

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>> roker is making his way to this elementary school that is quickly becoming the focus of so much attention. this is plaza towers elementary. al, what can you tell us?

>> i'll tell you, brian. we were on the air earlier with a special report . the closer we get in here, the more this really does resemble joplin, missouri, from a few years back. the devastation, i could see fires. i walked back into one development. we were trying to work our way closer. homes are levelled. there are fires burning. the power is out. people are just milling about. you look at their faces and it's basically just shock. they have never seen anything like this or at least have not since the may 3rd outbreak in 1999 when they had an ef-5 tornado touch down. it really is brutal. of course the devastation that awaits at this school is just really heartbreaking. people are hoping for the best. but, you know, there is still no word. hearing the mayor talk about the fact that they couldn't say anything at this moment makes one fear for the worst, as it were.

>> al roker in moore, oklahoma. we keep saying it. they are in for some dark hours and dark days . there is no telling what they are going to find. so much of that town you can see visually has been swept to the side. interstate