Nightly News   |  May 20, 2013

Oklahoma tornado may be rated EF5 or higher

Preliminary ratings indicate the tornado has winds up to 200 mph, may end up to being an EF5 or higher on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel reports.

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>>> we fear we are covering a history-making tornado this afternoon. moore , oklahoma, south of oklahoma city . mike seidel , weather channel meteorologist, is among the members of our team on site today. there is a fog of war aspect to this. we are getting reports five casualties in one spot. i'm looking at another of just one home, one intersection in moore , four fatalities including a mother and a baby. they tried to get into a freezer during the storm. we are in for an awful couple of days there.

>> reporter: we are, brian. i was here may 3 of 1999 . i got in right after the tornado hit. this is as bad or worse. that one clocked in with winds of 317. ef-5 is 201 or higher. now the rating is up to 200. it could be ranked higher. people are coming out with pets, knapsacks with clothes. people are going in to help their neighbors. i have a feeling this may end to be an ef-5 here in moore . this same exact path almost, right over 35. brian?

>> the pictures we are looking at, aerial pictures from kfor almost defy description. everyone is fearing what's going to be