Nightly News   |  May 21, 2013

More tornado watches on horizon

The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore tells Brian Williams thunderstorms are now expected from New York and Connecticut down to Tennessee.

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>>> let's talk about the weather event that caused all this. we're standing in front of the wreckage of one of these residential homes. weather channel meteorologist our old friend jim cantore is here with us. we were talking before about a statistic that's starting to surface today that the sheer energy, the output of this storm equalled the bomb ignited in hiroshima.

>> when you think about that blast, certainly that is an amazing analogy. i mean you have tons of debris everywhere. brian, unrecognizable. hard to imagine anyone could survive in this.

>> now, safe rooms. let's talk about it and talk about what this region needs to do.

>> they do. i mean, if we're going to put our kids in a hall and teach them how to crouch and hold their hands over their head, we have to have a place that's not going to be blown apart. we have to have buildings that can sustain the type of damage that they're used to here, obviously. we're talking 200-mile-per-hour winds. obviously a big thing they need to address. people's homes. i was down in tuscaloosa, as were you, after the april 2011 outbreak, we saw them build back homes for $75,000 with safe rooms.

>> with shelters.

>> with safe rooms in them. so this is not an undoable thing.

>> we mentioned seven different states have watches and warnings. tonight as we stand here talking --

>> a week and a half ago the atmosphere decided we'll pull a switch and all of a sudden the tornado drought is over and you've seen the results of that. what we're looking at tonight is thunderstorms from new york and connecticut on down through tennessee. shreveport will face these tonight. austin, texas, memphis, tennessee as well. tornado watches.

>> jim cantore , thank you for being part of the coverage.