Nightly News   |  May 21, 2013

Helping those who lost everything

From two neighbors who bought and distributed work gloves to homeowners in need to a veterinarian leading the effort to find pets lost in the ruin, those who were more fortunate reached out to those devastated by the tornado’s damage. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>>> earlier in this broadcast we heard both the mayor and the governor say this town now depends on acts of kindness. there will be no coming back without them, in fact. and already there's a lot of that going on here today. as nbc's janet shamlian discovered.

>> need some gloves, buddy?

>> reporter: chris williams and jesse craddock know this could have been their street because it almost was.

>> we brought some gloves for you guys.

>> reporter: their home spared, they bought every pair of work gloves in the only hardware store they could find open.

>> you're welcome.

>> reporter: passing them out to homeowners in need.

>> doing anything we can to make it easier for these people that have lost everything.

>> reporter: a block away, gina reese was struggling to rake the muck and debris. she couldn't believe it when more than a dozen national guardsmen on patrol said they would finish the job.

>> just amazing neighbors helping neighbors. and one man told me that that's what we're here for.

>> reporter: on every street in moore, the circumstances were different but the sentiment was the same. what do you need? how can we help?

>> these are the people we see every single day. so this is -- why not make an effort when there's people in need ?

>> reporter: because driving was restricted, these friends walked miles in the rain to reach a co-worker's damaged home. nearby, waitress megan correa serving a hot lunch to anyone who needed a meal.

>> to help people who are less fortunate is where it matters most.

>> reporter: then among the most important gesture, reuniting still separated families.

>> listen to her heart , lungs.

>> reporter: local veterinarian vance campbell temporarily closed his practice to lead the effort to get every pet found in the ruins maybe not back in its house but back home.

>> people that lost everything, if they can get their pet back, you know, that would mean the world to them.

>> reporter: in the midst of heartbreak, neighbors and friends showing what true heart is. janet shamlian , nbc news, moore, oklahoma.