Nightly News   |  May 23, 2013

Lone-wolf terror attacks difficult to prevent, analysts say

There have been two more arrests in the murder of a British soldier, who was stabbed and hacked to death on a London street. The uncomplicated, simple attack has altered London’s psyche. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> there's word tonight of new arrests after that vicious act of terrorism on the streets of london . again fair warning these images are difficult to take. a british soldier was attacked and killed in the streets as we now know he was a young husband and father. we're also hearing from the brave woman who stared down the man with the knife. we get the latest now from london.

>> reporter: mothers and children on their way to school this morning carried flowers, a day long procession, tributes and raw emotion. the victim, viciously hacked to death on the street has now been identified. 25-year-old british soldier lee rigby served in afghanistan, the father of a 2-year-old son. his family said lee was lovely. he would do anything for anybody. all he wanted to do from when he was a little boy was be in the army. that's why one of the two suspects they targeted him.

>> we must fight them. an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth .

>> reporter: this suspect has been identified and born in britain of nigerian dissent. a devout muslim. here he is in a demonstration in 2007 . both suspects were known to british security services prior to now. but sources say there was no indication they were planning any attack. terror analysts say lone wolf style operations are the new face of al qaeda inspired attacks.

>> no longer the large scale sophisticated plots from overseas but instead very unsophisticated and simple attacks which can still very much affect the psyche of cities.

>> reporter: police raided six homes around london today and made two more arrests. one extraordinary citizen who was unafraid seen her trying to talk down one of the suspects is ingrid.

>> keeping him calm. that was the thing. he had something to say. ignore him would make him more upset.

>> reporter: other women guarded the body of the young soldier who survived war falling to terror at home.