Nightly News   |  May 23, 2013

Severe weather to impact Memorial Day travel

Flash flooding threats and heavy rain in the Northeast have already resulted in airport ground stops while Texas may see tornadoes and large hail. NBC’s Chris Warren reports.

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>>> bad weather is making news elsewhere tonight as well a lot of unsettled weather in the northeast in particular have made a very hectic holiday travel weekend ahead. chris warren joins us now. good evening to you.

>> reporter: good evening. severe weather has already thrown a real wrench into travel and we have seen some long delays heading in to the northeast at the airports. newark and laguardia have full on ground stops. let's look where that threat does continue for severe weather . tonight in the northeast, it's going to be heavy rain , flash flooding with the threat. also damaging winds you'll have to watch out for. in texas and the southern plains , tornadoes are a possibility also large hail that could be bigger than baseball. now for travel if you're planning to head out of town tomorrow along with about 35 million holiday travellers look for cool and rainy weather in the northeast. if you're heading to the roads like more than 31 million people will be watch out for the rain in the northeast. also in the middle part of the country chance for more storms.

>>> chris thanks for your reporting. one more note about the weather. the people at noaa who track hurricanes for a living said today they expect another busy season in the atlantic. 13 to 20 named storms. seven to 11 hurricanes. three to six of those hurricanes are expected to be major. last year was the third busiest season on record with 19 named storms, one of which of course was hurricane sandy which caused $50