Nightly News   |  May 23, 2013

Mother in labor during tornado reunited with nurses

Thanks to the quick work of Moore, Okla., nurses, Shayla Taylor was able to safely deliver her son Braeden Immanuel – who is now nicknamed ‘Twister.’ NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>>> in the three days since that devastating tornado in moore, oklahoma we've seen so much destruction, loss of life and misery. tonight we'll leave you with a story of some people who come together to help. whether it's cleaning up, cooking a meal or even helping with a very special delivery . ron mott has our report.

>> reporter: shayla taylor embraced her son.

>> that's the wall off. furs thing, of course, was asked if all the nurses were still there and if they were okay.

>> reporter: this morning, she is reunited with nurses who moved her to another hospital when theirs took a direct hit.

>> my nurse gave me a shot to slow down the contractions. to kind of keep me from going into transition. and actually having a baby in the midst of a tornado.

>> reporter: she later delivered 8 pounds 3 ounce braden emmanuel. the talk of the town .

>> love the name. god is with us because god definitely was with us.

>> reporter: perfect strangers are with the community too coming from near and far, some toting brooms and rakes other carrying trace of steam pulled pork . all in the spirit of loving thy neighbor.

>> this is oklahoma . that's the way it is here. we all rally together when there's a need.

>> you're able to mobilize a team quickly how does that happen?

>> being barbecue cooks doing competitions we learn how to cook mobile.

>> reporter: operation mobile started up two years ago.

>> they need comfort. barbecue is comfort food .

>> reporter: while the going is tough today for many, hope and gratitude are in ample supply.

>> these women were, they were god send . they did their best to take care of me.

>> reporter: and the little guy already nicknamed twister. ron mott nbc news, moore, oklahoma .