Nightly News   |  May 24, 2013

Memorial Day weekend forecast

Severe weather and snow is in store for some areas of the country this holiday weekend. On Monday, however, the weather will warm up in the Northeast. Weather Channel meteorologist Chris Warren reports.

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>>> the memorial day travel rush is under way tonight. 31 million americans are expected to travel by car. a million more on trains and buseses. about 2 million will fly to their holiday destinations. in a lot of place it is weather is not cooperating with the unofficial start of summer. weather channel meteorologist chris warner joins us with more on this story. chris, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, ann. this weekend there is going to be some severe weather and some snow. let's start off with a look at where there will be severe weather . the threat tonight for the severe weather will be in the texas panhandle all the way up to parts of western nebraska. with this, there will be a chance for damaging winds, large hail and a low chance of a tornado. now, looking ahead to saturday, to tomorrow, there is a chance for mountain snow in parts of northern new york and northern new england . this is unusual late spring snow possible above about 1,000 feet. there could be some power outages with the snow falling on the leaves, possibly bringing down power lines . chance for severe weather there in the northern plains . also looking at the threat for severe weather pushing off a little bit farther to the plains but not moving very fast on sunday. still a chance for mountain snow in the green and adirondack mountains in the higher elevations. on monday, memorial day , it will be warmer in the northeast. ann, that looks like the best day to be outside in the northeast.