Nightly News   |  May 24, 2013

Oklahoma mom thanks heroic daycare workers

Shielding the children with their own bodies, the daycare workers in Moore, Okla., managed to save all of the children they were looking after. NBC’s Ann Curry reports.

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>>> even amid the rubble of the devastating tornado in moore, oklahoma, gratitude can be found. a young mother we told you about on tuesday has reached out to thank the day care workers whose actions saved the lives of her children. at 3 years old grayson is already a survivor. what's it like to be in a tornado, grayson ?

>> it's loud.

>> reporter: loud?

>> yeah.

>> reporter: we first met grayson and his 6-week-old brother braden in the hospital the day after the tornado hit. seeing what's left of their day care center it's hard to believe anyone made it out alive.

>> it's a miracle. it is a miracle. all those kids, my boys got out.

>> reporter: their mother janice said it is thanks to their heroic teachers.

>> what did the teachers do?

>> put cots over the heads.

>> reporter: they put cots over the children and laid on top to shield them with their own bodies as the tornado hit. what did the kid ds do?

>> scared.

>> reporter: grayson suffered only minor head injuries . where does it hurt?

>> on my ear.

>> reporter: which ear hurts a lot?

>> this one.

>> reporter: what do you say to the teachers?

>> thank you.

>> reporter: for covering your child.

>> risking your life to protect mine.

>> reporter: yesterday she got the chance.

>> grayson . oh, baby.

>> reporter: janna, the boys and their dad ken visited abby larson who ran the day care center .

>> did you miss us?

>> mm-hmm.

>> yeah. he wants to get back.

>> he was excited.

>> go!

>> reporter: grayson and his friends have been missing day care .

>> it's broken. we'll get it fixed.

>> reporter: abby says she'll ree build the day care center and takes comfort in seeing a grayson . just days after we last saw him, his cuts are healing. janna spoke to the teachers who saved her boys.

>> i'm thankful and blessed to have all of y'all to take care of the kids.

>> reporter: thankful they still have what is most precious.

>> i want to hug everybody since y'all saved my boys'