Nightly News   |  May 25, 2013

Flash floods hit San Antonio, Texas

In Texas, torrential rains brought flash flooding to the streets of San Antonio Saturday. NBC’s Lester Holt reports and The Weather Channel’s Todd Santos looks ahead with a weather forecast.

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>>> in texas, torrential rains brought flash flooding to the streets of san antonio today. the flood waters so powerful reaching 12 inches in some areas over 24 hours . a woman was killed when her car washed into a creek. there were also dozens of evacuations including the rescue of this man from the roof of a golf course facility. flood warnings remain in effect across south central texas tonight. with more on the latest on the rest of this holiday weekend washout, let's check in with todd santos.

>> good evening to you. that flooding in san antonio was really the result of some slow moving showers in central texas . now, part of that same disturbance collided with some winds off the gulf and a few tornados. we have a picture on the national weather service 's facebook page, a tornado touching down outside of corpus christi . no reports of damage. still heavy rain towards the victoria area. slow moving is the word for it this weekend. the northeast, we're dealing with heavy rainfall at times and it's making for some miserable conditions with cold temperatures in place. as well as the forecast for tonight, could even see snow. primarily areas into 2,000 feet. tomorrow, still see a few showers. monday, that's the day to get out to the beach. boston tomorrow, 58 degrees. monday, 68. getti inting closer to the averages for this time of year. we'll look at that by the middle of the week next week.

>> todd santos, thanks very much.