Nightly News   |  May 26, 2013

Wild weather on Memorial Day weekend

Heavy rain pummeled south Texas on Sunday, while in Vermont emergency crews restored power to homes after a late-season snow storm, NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

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>>> the middle of a three-day holiday weekend that for a lot of americans usually signals the start of summer, getting out, enjoying lots of warm, pleasant days and lots of sun. the reality this year has been far different as extreme an unseasonable weather has affected much of the country from deadly downpours and flash floods in southern texas to chilly days, high wind, even accumulating snow in parts of the east. and it all could be had hitting ahead of another round of severe weather threats later in the week in the middle of the country. we begin our coverage tonight with nbc's michelle franzen .

>> reporter: the deadly floodwaters in the san antonio area began receding today. allowing the 150 residents who were evacuated to return home. the slow-moving storm dumped up to a foot of rain and flooded neighborhoods for miles. san antonio fire officials say at least two people died. a 17-year-old man is still missing. and crews carried out about 130 water rescues saturday. a helicopter captured the dramatic rescue of one man stranded on the rooftop of a submerged building. the same storm system also caused a tornado near corpus christi . this photo was posted to the national weather service 's facebook page. volatile and unpredictable weather that is playing out across the country on this unofficial start to summer.

>> most people plan for memorial day thinking spring or early summer . this time around, unfortunately, it got very cold in parts of the country and got very stormy in others.

>> reporter: in florida, onshore winds created a higher rip tide risk along the atlantic. yellow flags warn swimmers of the dangers. from hot, to cold. in vermont and upstate new york , emergency crews plowed snow in higher elevations and restored power to homes after a late season storm. here in the northeast, temperatures have been anywhere between 10 and 30 degrees below average for this time of year and up until day, rainy and cold. now the sun has come out and so have the crowds.

>> this has been kind of unusual, even for the east coast , to have it turn so cold. but we're dealing with it.

>> reporter: at jones beach , people braved the blustery weather to take in the annual memorial day bethpage air show . the remainder of the holiday weekend calls for warmer weather, along with the potential for more storms later this week. michelle franzen , nbc news, new york.