Nightly News   |  May 26, 2013

More severe weather expected

The Weather Channel’s Todd Santos outlines the country’s Memorial Day forecast with more severe weather expected in the middle of this week.

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>>> now to the memorial day forecast and the threat of more severe weather later in the week. meteorologist todd santos joins us from weather channel headquarters. todd, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, lester. we are going to see at least some improvement especially for the northeast. we'll see 70 degrees from new york up towards boston. at least there is kind after bonus day this weekend. elsewhere in the countries, 80s dallas, 86 atlanta. orange on this map means you're dealing with temperatures in the 70s, on this map you are dealing with the chance for some thunderstorms. towards say chicago. on monday though where you see red, better chances for severe thunderstorm , hail and wind producing storms but kansas city up towards southeastern portions of nebraska, you could see a chance for even isolated tornadoes. that threat starts to pick up a little bit more towards tuesday, including central portions much kansas and especially back through say central oklahoma , some of those areas that were just devastated, including moore.