Nightly News   |  May 27, 2013

A new beginning for the Jersey Shore

7 months after Superstorm Sandy, most of the Jersey Shores’ beaches and boardwalks are back in business just in time for the summer tourism season. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> today marks a new beginning for a lot of folks along the jersey shore which still has a long way to go after suffering a devastatingi inin ining hit from hurricane sandy. the damage is overwhelming but most of the beaches and boardwalks are open in time for the summer tourism season they count on most. nbc's stephanie gosk is on the boardwalk in seaside heights . good evening.

>> reporter: good evening. there wasn't a board left on the boardwalk after the storm, not a business undamaged. seaside heights was one of the worst affected communities along the shore. today, 22 of 23 boardwalks are open. it's beginning to look a little bit like summer. for a moment today with the sun shining, food frying, and crowds growing, seaside heights almost felt the same.

>> it's a beautiful today, a great day to be out.

>> reporter: after the worst storm in new jersey's history, restoring boardwalks and businesses in time for the summer became the state's number one priority. the jersey shore has 130 miles of coastline, drawing 59 million tourists a year and bringing in $19 billion. in the days after sandy it was hard to imagine any kind of summer season at all until the rebuilding began. from the destruction, a new board boardwalk. like this family-owned clam bar, a seaside institution.

>> i have generations come back for the clams and the sausage. their fathers brought them here and now they are grown men bringing their kids here.

>> reporter: david's wife runs the pretzel stand. their kids are about to head to college.

>> my kids are headed off to college. the whole family works. it means a lot to have people coming back.

>> reporter: the rebuilding of the boardwalk only tells part of the story. blocks from the beaches, for thousands of home duowners recovery the slow. brian works as a reporter for the local paper.

>> this weekend has highlighted the differences between places where the yes krecovery has jettisoned forward and the places where it's completely stalled.

>> reporter: on the board walk , the frustrations of the winter seem to be on hold for a day. the crowds are a good start. president obama will be visiting the jersey shore tomorrow. governor chris christie gave the president a tour of the destruction in the days of sandy. now the governor will have a chance to show off some of the rebuilding. natalie?

>> stephanie gosk in seaside heights , new jersey. thank you, stephanie .