Nightly News   |  May 27, 2013

Extreme weather threatens all corners of the country

Many Americans are bracing themselves for the possibility of more flooding and tornadoes.  Weather Channel meteorologist Kelly Cass reports.

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>>> the extreme weather continues across oh the middle of the country. they are bracing for the possibility of more scenes like this one in texas where three people were killed and hundreds were rescued from flash floods over the weekend. take a look at this. we are almost into june but parts of upstate new york and vermont are covered in up to three feet of snow. meantime the threat of oh tornadoes returns this week for parts of the country including the oklahoma city area. weather channel meteorologist kelly cass is monitoring it all for us tonight. kelly, good evening.

>> good evening, natalie. i'm happy to say temperatures will be warming up in the northeast. that should take care of the snow that accumulated in the higher elevations of the northeast. as you mentioned we expect severe weather in the middle of the country. storms are firing up. we have seen flooding in iowa with several incheses of rain there and now a tornado watch in nebraska and kansas until midnight tonight. for tuesday it extends pittsburgh to chicago into texas. it does include portions of oklahoma. unfortunately it only gets worse on wednesday. this is when we think we'll have the peak of the severe weather . we are talking about a possible tornado outbreak . look at that. it puts oklahoma city and moore right in the middle of all of that. we urge people to have a plan. know where to go if you are placed under a tornado level. lowest level of the home away from windowses. the threat extends into the great lakes and into thursday. we'll have to watch out across portions of the east as well. looks like the severe weather will be a problem through the next couple of days. natalie?

>> going to be a busy week ahead. kelly cass at the weather channel .