Nightly News   |  May 30, 2013

Tornadoes touch down in the Plains

Thursday brought several tornadoes, most centered in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Tornadoes are likely in many states on Friday as well, with rain in the forecast through Monday in Oklahoma and surrounding states. The Weather Channel’s Mike Bettes reports.

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>>> another dangerous night of it especially where folks can't afford any more bad weather . while it stretches from the north in wisconsin all the way down south to texas, oklahoma got hit again today. late this afternoon, we looked up and saw this striking image. that's weather channel meteorologist mike bettes standing beneath an enormous cloud bank as part of the approaching front. mike is with us live now having reached a point outside of tulsa, oklahoma . mike, good evening.

>> reporter: brian, good evening to you. another active day of storms here in tornado alley . multiple tornado touchdowns. large tornadoes in arkansas and brief touchdowns in oklahoma . to say the at least these storms have been menacing. some of the storms we chased produced lowering wall clouds that reached almost all the way down to the ground. the sky has gone midnight black in some instances. large hail, wind, brief funnel clouds with many of the storms and the threat is still ongoing this evening and likely will go on for at least the next 24 hours . we have a risk that extends now from the central plains including oklahoma city yet again. it's been an ongoing event for two weeks now. this event tomorrow could exe tend into the upper midwest including the twin cities in minneapolis and all the way to cleveland, ohio. tornadoes likely in many states tomorrow as we wrap up the work week. it doesn't stop there. the threat will continue with heavy rain from oklahoma city and then south and east through dixie alley as it's known, the southern states into tennessee, maybe getting into atlanta, georgia, with flash flooding in many places. if there is any silver lining to this, brian, farmers we talked to said we'll take the storms any time. we need the rain. they have gone through a multi year drought near in the plains.

>> mike bettes outside tulsa tonight. mike, thanks.