Nightly News   |  May 30, 2013

‘Hard to see it go’: Plaza Towers Elementary demolished

With more tornado warnings in the forecast, former students and families from Moore, Okla., watched as demolition crews knocked down what remained of Plaza Towers Elementary, the Oklahoma school ripped apart by a tornado. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>>> unbelievably, here we are talking about oklahoma again. the live chopper shot is from kfor in oklahoma city . moore , oklahoma is among the places under the threat of tornadoes today into tonight after what was another emotional day there. nbc's janet shamlian is there for us tonight alongside the remnants of plaza towers elementary school .

>> reporter: even as dark clouds gathered above them, demolition crews went to work on what was left of plaza towers elementary school . what the tornado started here, bulldozers worked to finish.

>> sad. hard to see it go. this is our little neighborhood school.

>> reporter: with former students watching, and seven crafted crosses standing in contrast to the plywood wreckage this is more than just another building ravaged by the storm. seven children lost their lives here. it's become moore 's touchstone, the unofficial memorial.

>> she was the there that day. i got her out before the storm hit.

>> reporter: the work came amid a barrage of tornado watches and warnings throughout the oklahoma city area including moore .

>> central oklahoma like last week is certainly impacted. chasing today, impressive view of the storms. large towering supercell thunderstorms as they are known with a lot of hook echoes today. hook echoes on supercell thunderstorms is bad. that's what meteorologists look for. that contains the tornado.

>> reporter: residents on edge being told again to take shelter.

>> rapid motion. tornadoes in this thing. could touch down any second.

>> there are fingers on the ground. the tornado sirens are going off in cushing.

>> reporter: some damage but so far no indication anyone was seriously hurt.

>> reporter: today's storms in the wake of wednesday's benefit concert for victims of last week's tornado. music stars from across the country, many from oklahoma , performing for the healing and the heartland event in oklahoma city . money raised will come here for the rebuilding. they just can't seem to catch a break here. they are trying hard to move forward with projects like this. amid the sirens, warnings to take cover and reports of more tornadoes, that's proving very difficult to do.

>> it's unbelievable, janet. they could use a break. janet shamlian in moore , oklahoma , tonight. thanks.