Nightly News   |  June 01, 2013

Small communities hit hard by twisters

About 30 miles from Oklahoma City, there is now rubble and heartbreak in the aftermath of a destructive storm. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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>> devastated small towns, the terror of last night's twisters gave way to the realities faced today. mark potter is in union city , oklahoma tonight. mark?

>> good evening. this neighborhood was hit hard by the latest storm. all ten homes here were badly damaged and a few were flattened. a lot of other things have also been lost here. about 30 miles west of oklahoma city , there is now rubble and heartbreak. for glenda, the loss of the house where she raised her kids is devastated.

>> what are you going to do now?

>> clean it up and try to decide what i need to do because i don't know. say whether i'm going to rebuild my house, i don't know.

>> her roof is now gone, her home is gutted and everything is soaked after the torrential rain. the good news is that no one was hurt here and a few things could be saved, including her daughter's wedding dress .

>> i thought it was gone. i just, because we didn't get to see it last night because tornados kept coming.

>> tornado warnings here were issued around dinner time. some of the neighbors drove south to get away and then tried to come back. only to be chased away by a second tornado. first light today reveal ed the extent of danielle. this family not only learned it house was destroyed, but that some of their horses were badly injured or killed. what's left of this house is owned by a young man and his pregnant wife. today, friends tried to salvage baby clothes.

>> down the road in moore, oklahoma, where almost two weeks ago, a powerful tornado killed 24 people, clean up efforts were interrupteded today as a storm threatened. beleaguered residents had had just about enough bad weather .

>> i'm hoping this is the end of it because i don't think we can take much more.

>> on i-40 outside of oklahoma city , crews removed trucks overturned by the storm and back in union city , a two day old foal who survive d the tornado was found terrified and hiding in the grass. but after she was reassured --

>> there you go.

>> the foal coincidentally named twister, bounceded back.

>> yeah.

>> bringinging a much needed smile on an otherwise bad day . and with the skies absolutely clear here now, the clean-up is in full swing with lots of people coming by to help. when you ask what are you going to do next, they almost all say we just don't know. it's too early right now.