Nightly News   |  June 01, 2013

Flood warnings in effect Saturday

Flash flooding is a big concern following the storms, and flood warnings are in effect Saturday night for a wide stretch of the country. The Weather Channel’s Scott Newell reports.

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>> flash flooding is the other big concern with the storm and flood warnings are in effect tonight for a wide stretch of the country. we want to get the latest from hard hit kentucky. scott newel joins us from paducah.

>> good evening. i want to show you the debris that lines the banks of perkins creek. that is plywood all piled up against the ewe tutility pole there. it overflowed this morning, floodinging the parking lot and many of the low level roads a the days inn behind me. nearly 7 impbls of rain fell in a 12-hour period with nowhere to go. crews worked to rescue 30 people from the swiftly moving water. one of the highest numbers of such rescues in the history of the county. officials say the flooding left half a dozen families without homes. some foupd the water has risen up to the windows of their cars. many are expected to be a total loss. no injuries were reported. at least three roads were washed out, fortunately, those are secondary road, but it is expected to be some time before they're passable again. this system has been sitting over us for several hours. the sun was out a moment ago, but we think it's passed here. one record book though. this is going to turn out to be a third wettest calendar day in history.