Nightly News   |  June 01, 2013

Storm begins moving eastward

The Weather Channel’s Julie Martin is tracking where the storm is headed.

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>> headed and who should be on alert? the weather channel 's julie martin is tracking it all for us tonight.

>> tonight, we're dealing with a double threat. we have flooding and severe weather stretching from the southern plains to the ohio valley . let's talk about the flooding first. we have flood warnings stretching from oklahoma through much of missouri and illinois. even over towards indiana. keep in mind some of these same areas have picked up about a foot of rain or so in the past week, so this water has nowhere to go. you see the bulk of the rain tonight from arkansas over to western kentucky . one man today died in missouri after being swept away in flood waters and flooding there has led to dozens of road closures. on to the severe side. storms with damaging winds are going to be firing up through tomorrow. tonight, the threat from texas to alabama, also, indiana through western new york . can't rule out a tornado, although the threat not as high. tomorrow, that threat will be targeting the mid-atlantic and northeast. we could see strong storms in d.c., new york and boston. quieter conditions on monday. in the east, once again, we will see things heat up in the plains, so another very active pattern coming up.

>> thanks. while we're talking tornados, today is officially the start of hurricane season . a good time for coastal residents to start reviewing their plans.