Nightly News   |  June 01, 2013

Orphaned polar bear Kali makes new friend

Kali — the orphaned polar bear cub that was rescued in Alaska earlier this year – is making new friends at the zoo in Buffalo, N.Y. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> finally tonight, we couldn't resist the call of the wild . word that two youngsters from the north that needed a helping hand were now making their first public appearance at the buffalo zoo this week. stephanie gosk was there for the almost unbearably cute debut.

>> baby polar bears need friends. especially or fanned baby polar bears . colley was motherless and friendless until just a few days ago when the buffalo zoo introduced him to luna, whose mother was unable to care for her. kaitlin is one of the keepers.

>> the fist day was a little nerve rackinging for everybody, but now, they're playing.

>> colley 's journey was long, beginning in alaska after an es ko shot his mother. the hunter said he didn't realize she had a cub.

>> he followed her footsteps back to her den and found a lone cub, then he put it in his parka and drove by snow mobile miles and miles.

>> two months later, she was carefully bundled up and flown on a ups cargo plane to one of the only zoos with a possible play mate.

>> when he first got here, he was nervous, quiet, stuck to himself.

>> if we didn't have this fence here, would luna want to play with us?

>> she would want to play with us and we would not want to play back with her.

>> they were introduced slowly. first, from a distance, then face to face in public. lines snake out the gates. lily and kaitlin are regulars. colley may move to another zoo to breed, but soop keepers hope his stay will raise money to build a new exhibit and raise a wareness. they are an endangered species , their habitat slowly melting away as the earth gets warmer.

>> zoos have decided to build really high quality exhibits to take in orphaned cubs so we can educate the public to maybe use less energy to reduce our greenhouse gases .

>> they certainly have the public's attention and in the process, colley got a much needed friend. stephanie gosk, nbc news, buffalo, new york.