Nightly News   |  June 02, 2013

Massive storm moves east

Millions of Americans were in the path of a major storm on Sunday that caused flash flooding and devastation throughout the middle of the country, The Weather Channel’s Chris Warren reports.

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>>> that pummeled the middle of the country with tornadoes, lightning and torrential rain late last week is still at it leaving a trail of damage and misery as it pushes eastward tonight. some 40 million americans are potentially in its path and in its wake, flash flooding , the images from places like missouri, oklahoma, arkansas and kentucky show just how bad the flood is has been. and in some spots the water is still rising . right now as we look at current radar, severe weather is moving into the northeast with thunderstorm watches and warnings up from new york state into maine . the weather channel 's meteorologist chris warren leads off our coverage from albany, new york. chris, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, lester. here in albany, it is dry right now, but don't let that fool you because the threat is far from over and as we've seen with this storm system, it has already caused some major damage. with floodwaters receding and swollen rivers coming down, oklahoma authorities hope they will be able to locate as many as seven missing people believed to have been swept away in floodwaters caused by heavy rains. four bodies were recovered today, two adults and two children in the deep fork river . in white city , arkansas -- the desperate search for missing people believed to be caught up in the floodwaters came to an end.

>> they had life jackets on, doing everything right.

>> reporter: flash flood something believed to have claimed the live it would have women and the two rescuers who trifd to save them. one body was found. a home in council bluff washed right off its foundation. in missouri three deaths blamed on storm waters, people swept away as rivers and creeks rose without warning. parts of 16 states are currently under a flood warning , including kentucky. the site of many water rescues this weekend which remains on alert even as water starts to rye seed in some areas like mccracken county .

>> sometimes it is deep enough to cause real concern for drivers.

>> clean up cruise at the day's inn in paducah spent much the day gutting several rooms. dozens of guests had to be rescued from the room saturday. indiana is also on alert. more than five inches of rain swamped the children's zoo in ft. wayne. the massive storm system that triggered this flooding moved east today breaking the heat wave that had temperatures in the 90s, but not before some half marathon runners in connecticut had had to be taken to hospitals.

>> from pennsylvania to the canadian border , we've seen downed trees and power lines . in the south from atlanta to the carolinas, we've seen strong storms.

>> reporter: at least 40 million people on the east coast are in the storm's path stretching from florida to maine . and that threat does continue right now. there is still a chance for severe weather , large hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes still a possible. this threat stretches from the southeast all the way up to maine for today and tonight. also looking in the west throughout parts of new mexico, in texas, and then for tomorrow, once again we're going to slowly see that severe weather threat return to parts of the plains. lester, it looks like that threat to some of the hardest hit areas will be back tuesday an wednesday.

>> chris warren , thank you.