Nightly News   |  June 02, 2013

Famed sniper’s wife speaks out

The wife of famed Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle speaks out for the first time since her husband’s death four months ago. NBC’s Lester Holt reports.

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>>> of the many accounts of bravery and heroism from america's long war in iraq , the story of navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle is one of those that stood out. he became the military's most lethal sniper, covering for other troops. kyle left the service in 2009 to assume a are more quiet life back in his native texas. and he wrote a best-selling autobiography. and then in february, with his combat days far behind him, he was shot and killed. and now for the first time since his death, his wife is speaking out. as a navy s.e.a.l. sniper, he was credited with 160 kills. but when i sat down with him one year to the day before he was killed, chris kyle told me his focus was on the number he saved.

>> did you ever have any sense of remorse or any lingering feelings about taking a life?

>> no. every person i killed, i have a clear conscience of because they were actively trying to harm americans, allies or civilians.

>> reporter: in iraq, insurgents placed a bounty on his head, but four times he deployed and four times he came home safe to his wife and their two children. did you get to that point where you thought that he was invincible?

>> no, i never did. inwas always in fear for his life.

>> reporter: but there seemed nothing to fear last february 2nd when kyle agreed to spend time on a texas shootsing range with a 25-year-old fellow vet who he was told was having some issues. what did he tell you about it?

>> that there was a veteran that was struggling and needing some help. he was going to go down and spend some time in the car, letting him talk a little bit, spend a very short amount of time shooting.

>> reporter: police say that vet turned his gun on chris kyle an his friend chad littlefield killing them both. his family has said he suffered from ptsd. without offering specifics, taea thinks there were other demons at work.

>> if this was a case of simple ptsd, that's one case. but this is chris not having information about someone that has more to their story.

>> reporter: at the time of his second boof he was writing " american gun ."

>> he was a history buff. he loved history, he loved america.

>> reporter: if there.

>> i think he died was somebody wanted to kill him him.

>> reporter: his first book earned kyle a sudden public fame but he had long been a hero at home.

>> i'm so thankful that in january of this year i was able to tell him, i said, i just need to take a minute and tell you how proud i am of you and that i don't know how you've done it. i really don't know how you've been able to lived through everything you've lived through and be so kind and loving and to be able to give back to the guy you started as.

>> chris kyle also left behind two young children. suspect in his death remains behind bars and is awaiting a possible grand jury indictment on capital murder charges.