Nightly News   |  June 02, 2013

Death toll rises after another Okla. twister

Ten people are confirmed dead, including three storm chasers, after another tornado hit towns near Oklahoma City. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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>>> in oklahoma , ten people are now confirmed dead from that huge tornado that swept through some of the small towns near oklahoma city on friday. they include some veteran storm chasers who were following the tornado . nbc's mark potter is in ael reno, oklahoma for us tonight with more. mark?

>> reporter: good evening, lester. with the weather here in oklahoma clear for two days now, more victims of the friday storm are being found and are being identified publicly. oklahoma authorities say the three veteran storm chasers killed by the powerful friday storm known as the el reno tornado were doing scientific research . they were 55-year-old tim samaras, a renowned weather scientist, his 25-year-old son and photographer, paul samaras, and 45-year-old meteorologist carl young .

>> this device gets deployed in the path of the tornado .

>> reporter: samaras was famous for placing censors inside tornado to record pressure data and was featured on cable tv shows. this weather channel interview was shot last year.

>> but i don't like at it as a job. this, to me -- a job means work. and to me, this is actually very enjoyable. and of course, you know you've succeeded in life if you go out and do the things you love to do and collect a paycheck.

>> reporter: today in el reno , oklahoma , for which the ef-3 tornado was named, clean-up continued in neighborhoods battered by the storm . kelly's home was severely damaged. she's now trying to salvage as much as possible. when the tornado passed close by, she took this photo. but when it turned toward her, she and her family raced into their storm shelter. later thinking the storm had passed, she went back outside. but had a very close call in the still swirling winds.

>> as i got right here, this lifted up into the air and started kind of floefting up in the air.

>> how high up were you lifted?

>> about like this high off the ground. i feltway like i was floating in the air. my husband shoved me back down.

>> reporter: this is where five people and four dogs came to get away from the tornado . this is a metal vault built into the ground. when dangerous weather comes, you climb down here. it is not very comfortable, and there's not a lot of room, but it will save your life. kelly says she's convinced that without that shelter, she would have never survived the storm . and since just last night, four more bodies of storm victims have been found here in oklahoma . authorities are looking for seven more they fear still missing, maybe lost in flash floods .

>> mark potter tonight, thank you.