Nightly News   |  June 03, 2013

Oklahoma’s grim search for survivors

The death toll continues to rise Monday as rescue crews uncovered an 8-year-old girl, the latest victim discovered after tornadoes and flash flooding struck the region. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>>> it's been three days since the awful deadly outbreak of tornadoes in oklahoma . the size and sadness of the loss in terms of lives and property got worse today. nbc's katy tur joins us from oklahoma .

>> reporter: i'm on what was the second floor. right now oklahoma officials have just updated us and told us 18 people, at least 18 people people are now dead from the storm. they are searching for more.

>> this is going to get really bad.

>> reporter: the weekend flash flooding on the deep fork river left oklahoma city rescue crews fearing the worst today.

>> looking for one adult, one child.

>> reporter: late this afternoon, search teams did find someone -- an 8-year-old girl, the latest victim to be recovered here. in union city folks spent the weekend salvaging what they could.

>> it will be bulldozed.

>> reporter: janice's home took a direct hit from the twister. she's lived in tornado alley her whole life. that doesn't make it easier.

>> i'm still a little in shock. it's hard.

>> horizontal.

>> reporter: still in some ways she was one of the lucky ones as the ef3 caught many driving by surprise including this storm chaser .

>> the semi over turned. i'm wedged into it for protection.

>> everybody get down.

>> reporter: a team from the weather channel survived being thrown 200 yard negligens in this suv. three other professional storm chasers were killed in their vehicle. the tornado gave way then thomas sieve and deadly flash flooding . as the storm moved east to missouri residents like wilburn shaw took shelter.

>> i was right under the front door. by the time i got there and started pulling the door, boom.

>> reporter: authorities confirmed at least three deaths there and many homes damaged. everybody in this home was fine. right now they are just hurrying to clean up what they can before another round of storms comes in tomorrow. brian?

>> katy tur, union city , oklahoma , tonight. thanks.