Nightly News   |  June 03, 2013

Manning’s ‘WikiLeaks’ court-martial begins

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, who leaked military secrets when he was 22 years old, thought naively that he could “make a difference,” his lawyer said. But the military prosecutor at the trial said Manning’s leak of classified information put information “into the hands of the enemy.” NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>> reporter: army private bradley manning went under trial for the biggest leak of classified material in u.s. history . prosecutors said he harvested hundreds of thousands of documents from secret databases and put them on the web and into the hands of the enemy including the names of every american serving in iraq. 74,000 individuals in uniform. he said some of the information was later found during the raid that killed bin laden . manning's lawyer called his client a humanist trying to expose what he saw as injustice in both iraq and