Nightly News   |  June 03, 2013

Last bombing victim released from Boston hospital

Erika Brannock, the last patient to leave the city’s hospitals after being injured in the Boston Marathon bombing, spoke with NBC’s Brian Williams last week from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

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>>> finally tonight this was a landmark day in boston . 50 days after the marathon bombings, the last of the victims, the last of the patients has left the hospital. her name is erica brannick, a 29-year-old preschool teacher from maryland who was hit by the first bomb while waiting for her mom to cross the finish line. she lost her left leg above the knee. she was one of the six women amputees we met last week at spalding rehab in boston . the other five were outpatients at the time and now effective today so is erica .

>> my goal was to be home by my friend's wedding which is a week from saturday. so i'll be able --

>> you're going to make it?

>> -- be her maid of honor.

>> you might get a little bit of attention at that event.

>> right.

>> we're hoping it stays on her.

>> good. with her departure from the hospital today, she's on her way to achieving her goal of attending saturday's wedding back home.

>> really excited to go hug my friend. and my other family members and to see my kids. i miss them terribly. i just want to sit on the floor with them and read them a story.

>> all of the boston amputees found their own way to deal with the pain, the loss of limbs and what it will mean for their lives. erica has made it clear it's the children she teaches back home that have gotten her through those 50 days of hospitalization and recovery.

>> they send me videos, all kinds of things. it lifts me up. you know, the support even though they are 2 their parents send me e-mails. they miss you so much. they can't wait for you to come home. i have one kid that sends daily videos.

>> what else do you want to say?

>> i want you to come back.

>> all right. can i turn it off now?

>> mm-hmm.

>> wave bye-bye.

>> bye, miss brannick.

>> they said they have a picture of me on the wall.

>> when you go back they will smother you.

>> my boss said they would be fighting overrides in the wheelchair.

>> yes.

>> as she heads back to maryland she said it's her new friends in massachusetts who have made all the difference in her recovery.

>> i just really want to say thank you to the city of boston for giving me so much love and support. not only for me but for my family as well. we have all met some really great people and developed really strong friendships here.

>> erica will be a bridesmaid in a few days, perfectly emblematic of the strength that's emerged from this tragedy. that