Nightly News   |  June 04, 2013

More severe weather to hit Plains

Flooding in the Mississippi River is impacting St. Louis, with conditions expected to worsen tonight into Wednesday where severe storms are possible from eastern New Mexico to southern Missouri. NBC’s Kelly Cass reports.

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>>> we learned something today that explains a lot. meteorologists now say the largest of friday night's tornadoes in oklahoma was an ef5, that's the largest category and more than that, it was the widest ever recorded. it was over two and a half miles wide at the base. this also means oklahoma saw two ef5s in just the span of 11 days, going back to the twister in moore, oklahoma . tonight the developing weather story is flooding, the worst of it in missouri . weather channel meteorologist kelly cass was with us during those hours of coverage friday night. she is with us again tonight from headquarters. kelly, good evening.

>> good evening, brian. from flooding to severe weather , the midwest has seen it all the past couple of weeks, including that monster ef5 tornado as you mentioned touched down in el reno just to the west of oklahoma city . we are talking about winds of almost 300 miles per hour, a devastating tornado, if it were to hit any structures. thank goodness it didn't when it was at its worst because as you mentioned it was about two and a half miles wide based on doppler radar data. this is a new record not just for the united states but for the world, a very complicated tornado by the way with many circulations or smaller tornadoes within that giant dangerous tornado and those smaller tornadoes were moving as fast as 150 miles an hour along the ground. flooding is also a concern in the midwest, including along the mississippi river , which is in major flood stage right now at st. louis. levelie breach was reported along that river causing evacuations of about 43 homes in st. charles county , missouri . the water has so far traveled about two miles inside that levee so a very serious situation as you see there. we're concerned about more severe weather going forward. we've got the red on the map it does include oklahoma city and moore, on over toward southern missouri and little rock so brian looks like another dangerous day tomorrow with the threat for high winds , large hail and yes, even the possibilities of more tornados in this area.

>> a lot of folks anxious for a break. kelly cass , thanks.