Nightly News   |  June 05, 2013

1 dead, 13 injured in Philadelphia building collapse

The collapse happened when a four-story building fell onto a two-story building. Investigators are still trying to figure out what went wrong. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> good evening. it happened in an instant. it shook the ground around it. suddenly a huge area was levelled in center city , philadelphia . a building collapse that looked more like ana-i explosion. the first of the first responders arrived within two minutes. that's when the search got under way as rescuers followed voices beneath tons of building materials . it's where we begin tonight with nbc's kristen dahlgren at the scene.

>> reporter: witnesses describe a huge rumble and crash. [ sirensv ] and then the sounds of cries and moans from beneath the bricks and concrete. one man in his truck was stopped at a red light nearby.

>> all of the sudden you heard the bricks started falling at first. smoke and dust. next thing you know the pole came down over the top of my truck.

>> is some people were panicking, shaking real bad.

>> none of them were able to walk. they were bruised, maybe broken bones .

>> reporter: firefighters and rescue workers climbed through the debris, pulling 13 from the rubble. bruised and battered, but alive. they were taken to area hospitals with minor injuries. many of the victims were in the salvation army thrift store when the building next door, a sandwich shop and apartment building under demolition, came crashing through. this is what market street and 22nd looked like before. this is after.

>> what we actually have is a 1+g four-story property that collapsed onto a ? property which is the salvation army store.

>> reporter: news helicopters were ordered away from the building so any cries for help could be heard. aided by search dogs , rescuers had no idea how many they were looking for.

>> if there is anyone else in that structure, in that building, under that rubble, our folks will find them. they will not stop until they are assured by their own standards that we have completed our job and found anyone who might be there.

>> reporter: so the search here continues tonight. one woman was actually found alive after being trapped under the rubble for two hours. tonight philadelphia 's mayor confirms another woman, a 35-year-old, brian, was found dead.

>> kristen dahlgren in philadelphia , starting