Nightly News   |  June 05, 2013

New roles for Rice, Power in shaping America’s foreign policy

Susan Rice is taking over as Obama’s national security advisor and longtime foreign policy adviser Samantha Power will become the next U.N. ambassador. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>>> the president announced a big personnel shift today. susan rice becomes the new national security adviser. there is a replacement for her as ambassador to the u.n. chuck todd has the story.

>> reporter: they are now among the mostv'[ powerful women in the community. behindg$. front and center.

>> i'm very proud to have had the privilege of working with tom. very proud that i will continue to have the privilege of working with samantha and susan.

>> reporter: susan rice , ambassador to the u.n. for four years taking over as the president's national securityh? adviser.

>> i think everybody understands susan is a fierce champion for human dignity and is mindful we have to exercise our power wiselye1 and deliberately.

>> reporter: samantha power , replacing rice at the u.n. has been an influential behind-the-scenes adviser in the west wing as#ml part of the national security council .

>> she knows the u.n.'s strengths, weaknesses. she knows american interests are advanced when we can rally the world to our side and she knows we have to stand up for the things we believe in.

>> reporter: both come with a long list of impressive credentials. rice a harvard grad withjf a ph.d. from oxford. she was assistant secretary off&d state in the clinton administration . rice is a prize winning author and mother of two. cm? we have aw3 critical r ole to play in meeting the necessities of our time. it can do so only with american leadership.

>> reporter: confident and brash both have had run-ins with washington. most recently rice was at the center of the benghazi political storm as republicans tried to make her the fall woman for the president. power in 2008 briefly had to leaf the president's side?o? after she was quoted calling obama's chief political rival, hillary clinton , a monster. neither incident shook the president's confidence in either woman. both ended up with key roles in the first term. only power is subject to senate confirmation . already, republican senator john mccain this afternoon has said he's supportive of power's nomination.

>> chuck todd at the white house tonight. chuck, thanks.