Nightly News   |  June 06, 2013

Tropical Storm Andrea hits Florida with high winds, rain

The year’s first tropical storm made landfall in Florida on Thursday. From St. Petersburg to Cedar Key, rain flooded the streets, slowing traffic and closing businesses for the day. Beachgoers along the Gulf Coast have been warned to watch out for dangerous rip currents. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel reports.

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>> the other developing story we're following, tropical storm andrea is hitting florida tonight and taking aim at most of the east coast . the weather channel 's mike seidel is in north breach, florida . hi, mike, good evening?

>> reporter: good evening to you. and this storm has been churning toward the sunshine state all day long. it's made landfall in the big bend area in florida . tropical storm andrea came ashore and bringing with it drenching rains and winds clocked at nearly 60-mile-an-hour. and a sturn warning.

>> it is a fast moving storm, but it will be a great reminder to get ready for hurricane season .

>> reporter: this morning a tornado touched down in the palm beach area. in sun city center , florida , outside of tampa, residents were out surveying the damage.

>> most of the roof is gone on the top of the house. it's done a lot of devastation for 15 seconds of fear.

>> reporter: from saint pete to cedar key , more than 4 inches of rain that closed businesses for the day.

>> the water itself isn't too deep, but the wind is pretty inten intense.

>> reporter: for vacationers it was just part of her get away.

>> we came for a sunniy beach vacation but ended up making the best of it.

>> reporter: beach goers have been warned to watch out for dangerous riff currents. in gulf shores , more than a dozen people had to be rescued.

>> reporter: it's bringing heavy rain and 40-mile-per-hour winds to parts of georgia and the caroli carolinas. it's racing off northeast to cape cod on saturday. just since the first part of may, we've covered record setting snowfalls in the midwest and then the twisters in oklahoma city . and noun a landfall tropical storm during the early days of the hurricane season . but following that, there's nothing really to worry about on our beaches. the peak of the hurricane season is september