Nightly News   |  June 06, 2013

Prince Philip, 91, to undergo abdominal surgery

The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, has been treated for a number of ailments in recent years. On Thursday Buckingham Palace announced he had been admitted to the hospital for an unspecified abdominal condition. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> from london tonight , word that prince philip , the husband of queen elizabeth is in the hospital. we're outside the london clinic with more.

>> reporter: good evening. there is concern here tonight for the health of prince philip who is 91 now and undergone treatment for a number of ailments in recent years. buckingham palace making the announcement that he had been admitted to the hospital. forced to cancel a number of scheduled appearances over the next few weeks. he will undergo surgery tomorrow. he looked fit and in good spirits at a public event today and he was by the queen's side tuesday as she marked the 60th anniversary of her core nation. he will turn 92 on monday, it's a birthday he will spend here in the hospital.