Nightly News   |  June 07, 2013

East Coast flooding a ‘major issue’

Weather Channel meteorologist Chris Warren details the forecast along the East Coast as Andrea dumps inches of rain on the region.

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>>> lots of people on the east coast are feeling the effects of what was tropical storm andrea as it makes its way north. weather channel meteorologist chris warren is keeping an eye on it for us. hey, chris, good evening.

>> good evening, ann. it's flash flooding that's quickly becoming a major problem on the east coast , including new york, especially on long island. let's take a look at the storm as it is moving quickly up the i-95 corridor. flooding will remain a major issue into tomorrow morning . flooding from rivers, creeks and streams. also it's the flash flooding . heavy rain coming down in a hurry. getting reports of submerged cars up and down parts of the east coast with the rain. we are looking at quite a bit of rain from andrea. three to five inches of rain will be a possibility in a matter of hours. some areas could see more than six inches of rain. this will move out quily though. it will be a big hit causing travel issues on the road and through the air. tomorrow decisions will improve up and down the east coast .

>> chris warren , thank you very much tonight.