Nightly News   |  June 09, 2013

Police searching for motive behind Calif. shooting

Authorities are searching for answers as to why a gunman went on a deadly rampage at Santa Monica Community College on Friday, NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>>> tonight while we've learned who the apparent gunman was in the deadly rampage at santa monica community college in california friday, police are trying to determine his motive. this is a fifth victim, a student, has died from her wounds. now the latest on the investigation.

>> reporter: this was the moment police say that gunman entered the liar braer brary at santa monica college armed to kill. the shooter is a 23-year-old student once enrolled at the college.

>> the police department did have contact with this individual in 2006 . however, because the individual was a juvenile at the time, i am not at liberty to discuss circumstances of the contact.

>> reporter: police are investigatesing what may have motivated the gun plan to go on a calculated shooting rampage.

>> i would presume that any time someone puts on a vest, comes out with a bag full of loaded magazines, has a handgun, lass a semi- automatic rifle and car jacks folks, goes to a college, kills more people, i would say that's premeditated.

>> reporter: it began friday around noon when shots were reported near a house on fire. law enforcement sources say zawahiri allegedly targeted and killed his father and brother inside that home, then hijacked the car demanding the driver take him to the college campus . along the way opening fire on a city bus . once on campus official say zawahiri enters the library and it was there zawahiri was shot and killed by police. some of the 1,300 rounds of ammunition, weapons and gear the suspect were carrying were recovered on campus. today the college community mourned it would have its own, 26-year-old marcella franco, a student, and her father, carlos, a groundskeeper.

>> her father was very well liked and respected.

>> reporter: the two were driving on the campus when their car was attacked. now counselors have called to help grieving students. nbc news, los angeles .