Nightly News   |  June 09, 2013

Zimmerman trial set to begin

As the trial of George Zimmerman gets underway, questions surround whose voice can be heard screaming for help on an emergency call. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>>> jury selection is set to begin tomorrow in the trifle george zimmerman accused of murdering treason ager trayvon martin . there seems to be unfinished business that could impact the outcome of this case. it involves whose voice can be heard screaming for help on a 911 call db georgezimmerman's or trayvon martin .

>> reporter: for the last three days --

>> in order to run the test, i had to double up the actual screens.

>> reporter: prosecutors and lawyers for george zimmerman have sparred over voice analysis .

>> the screens don't match at all. that's what tells me that, okay, it's not george zimmerman .

>> that recording isn't even remotely suitable for comparison purposes.

>> reporter: the central question -- exactly who is yelling in a 911 call while george zimmerman and 17-year-old trayvon martin engaged in a physical struggle before martin and shot and killed in february of last year.

>> reporter: rather than delay monday's scheduled start of jury selection in zimmerman 's murder trial, the judge postponed a hearing to determine whether voice recognition experts will be allowed to testify during the trial.

>> we'll file a motion.

>> reporter: zimmerman 's attorney says her decision could be crucial.

>> then the point becomes the threshold whether it is going to confuse the jury or assist them. if there is a chance of confusing them, we shouldn't do it. if ss going to assist them, we shut.

>> he said you have a problem?

>> reporter: the day after shooting zirm man told police he shot martin after being knocked to the ground and having his head beaten into the sidewalk by the teen.

>> i felt my arm going down my side. i grabbed my firearm and shot it one time.

>> he wasn't charged until six weeks later. sparking protests about the hesitation of local authorities to arrest him. he's pleaded not guilty to second degree murder. martin 's parents claim their son did nothing unusual that night, he was simply returning to the condo where his dad was saying after buying candy and a soft drishg at a convenience store.

>> you have george zimmerman who's alive. have you trayvon martin hoewho's not here to tell his story.

>> it could take up to six weeks before a panel is suited.

>> george zimmerman has sued nbc universal for defamation. the has denied the allegations.