Nightly News   |  June 10, 2013

Mandela’s condition unchanged, family by his side

Throughout Nelson Mandela’s hospitalization visitors have come and gone, including Mandela’s former wife, but reports suggest only those closest to him are actually at his side. The former president of South Africa has long been in failing health. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> story we're following closely overseas tonight. continuing concern about the health of former south african president nelson mandela , hospitalized since saturday with a lung infection. nbc's kir simmons with the latest.

>> reporter: good evening. those close to nelson mandela have been coming to the hospital here. his condition is serious, and south african 's president has called on the nation to pray for man del mandela and his family. this afternoon, winnie mandela paid a visit. former wife and anti apartheid campaigner. married throughout his 27 years in prison. tuberculosis weakened his lungs. doctors described him as serious but stable condition .

>> former president nelson mandela remains in the hospital, his condition unchanged.

>> reporter: throughout the day, visitors have come and gone. only those closest to him are by his side, including current wife, graca machel , shown here at his birthday.

>> we love him very much. he needs to recover.

>> reporter: the former president, who turns 95 next month, h long beenn failing health. many shocked by his frail appearance in this awkward photo of last april. the father of his nation, now surrounded by family. in the fight of his life. and another member of nelson mandela 's family on the way to the hospital here, his daughter, zanani, flying in from argentina, where she is south african 's ambassador. well wishes and hopes for his recovery are pouring in from around the world, lester.

>> thank you.