Nightly News   |  June 11, 2013

More revelations to come from NSA leaker Snowden?

After leaving behind his girlfriend, acrobatic dancer Lindsay Mills, Edward Snowden is believed to be hiding in Hong Kong. As the manhunt continues, several questions remain, such as how the 29-year-old copied so many documents and whether or not more leaks are on the way. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>> country the manhunt and fallout from a former nsa contractor's exposure. after briefly coming forward this weekend to announce he was the source of the damaging articles in the guardian newspaper . edward snowden has apparently gone underground leaving behind him some troubling questions. andrea mitchell has the latest from our washington newsroom.

>> the global manhunt for edward snowden continues. while the fbi continues to investigate how he did what he's accused to have done and if he had help. called on the caet, the head of the national security agency summoned today to explain. how bad is the damage? and how did a 29-year-old contractor copy so many secret documents . and the guardian says more leaks are on the way.

>> we're going to have a lot more significant revelations that have not yet been heard over the next several weeks and months.

>> snowden is on the lamb, his picture plastered on every hong kong newspaper reports ian williams .

>> staff here at the hotel confirmed that one edward snowden did check out monday lunchtime. he's not been seen since, but believed to be in hong kong .

>> nbc news has confirmed that lindsay mills is the girlfriend snowden left behind in hawaii. in her blog since taken down, she refers to him as e. and told friends she was in a state of shock over his sudden departure. snowden first reached out annan anonymously to a well known filmmaker. the film profiled a disillusioned retired nsa analyst.

>> the dangers are we fall into something like a totalitarian state like east germany .

>> he flew to hong kong to meet the source. he told them to look for a man in a hotel lobby carrying a rubix cube , the connection was made. experts are not surprised he had so much access.

>> he was an i.t. guy, and when you're one of those i.t. guys, have you a lot more access to a lot of different parts of a network, because you're managing it.

>> ron widen filed legislation to declassify the program, and demanded answers from james clapper for denying records were collected.

>> it's not possible for the congress to do the kind of vigorous oversight that the president spoke about, if you can't get straight answers.

>> snowden 's leaks prompted the aclu to file suit today against the government, claiming the storing of all telephone records violates the right to privacy, and google has written the attorney general, asking for permission to make public the number of secret court orders it has been forced to comply with for data. which google says will show it is far less than the reports have claimed. lester?

>> thank you.