Nightly News   |  June 11, 2013

Severe weather grips the US

Thunderstorms may bring widespread damage and winds as the rain rolls east on Wednesday. The Weather Channel’s Chris Warren reports.

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>>> tonight we're keeping a close eye on the weather across the map. it's been a dangerous 24 hours , forecasters are predicting a wild night and day ahead for much of the country. more than 75 million americans are at risk for severe storms . chris warren is monitoring it all from weather channel headquarters. good evening.

>> this week is already off to a very active start last night we saw tornados and flooding. in fact, plenty of flooding happening throughout parts of the northeast, including maryland, tough to get around, making for dangerous conditions. also in parts of nevada. dealing with some ofhe flooding as well. there were tornados that went at long with these strong storms. several reports of tornados from kentucky, delaware and north carolina , damage and injuries were reported with that. and then there's wildfires burning right now throughout parts of colorado. and there are several of those going on right now related to the record heat and high winds . temperatures in the triple digits already for denver today and pueblo. that's the earliest this season to reach 100. and you're looking at the potential for more triple digit and 90 degree temperatures for tomorrow. and then the severe weather threat on theop of that, riding over this ridge of high pressure . damaging winds will be a major concern that goes into the ohio valley tomorrow, and lester that threat on thursday moves into the east.

>> chris warren , thanks.