Nightly News   |  June 11, 2013

80 years of drive-in movies

There are only 400 drive-in movie theaters left in the country, but for many movie-goers the nostalgia factor can’t be beat. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>>> finally tonight, it was this month in 1933 , when a convoy of eager motorists drove into a lot. they put their cars in park and sat back and enjoyed the show. it was the opening of the first drive-in cinema. these days not many remain, of those that do, memories are still being made. here's kevin tibbles.

>> as dusk approaches, the cars line up just like they've done for the last half century. the cascade west of chicago is one of only 400 drive-in movie theaters left in the country. but on a warm clear night, families come extra early to grab a good spot.

>> we enjoy the outdoor atmosphere of being at a drive in.

>> it's a great family thing.

>> where else can you see two features for under $10. when kids under 5 get in free, who needs a sitter. bring a picnic or grab a corn dog and pull up to one of those old fashioned speakers. there's nothing quite like it.

>> i've been doing this since i was seven or eight years old with my father. i know, it's in my blood.

>> thank you, enjoy the show.

>> yes, that is jeff's sister in the ticket booth .

>> we have customers that come in here now and say, oh, we were dating, these are my children. and they remember me. they do.

>> the first drive in opened in camden, new jersey 80 years ago. after the second world war when the car was king. there were 4,000 of them. the movies may have gone from black and white to digital, but sitting out under the stars in your favorite car with a bag of popcorn is never going to change.

>> reporter: of course, the advent of the color television came as a body blow. and so-called progress now means folks watch movies on tiny screens. something poppy will never figure out.

>> when you can come out here, sit in your car and look at that giant screen --

>> why look at that?

>> i know.

>> the perfect combination of good weather and a good movie will always keep them coming. just remember, no hiding under blankets or the trunk to sneak in.

>> do you bust them?

>> yes, we do.

>> even if it is part of the experience. kevin tibbles, nbc news, west chicago illinois.