Nightly News   |  June 13, 2013

Powerful storms target mid-Atlantic

Dark clouds and heavy rain rolled into Washington, D.C., on Thursday bringing tornado warnings, while in Maryland storms pulled down tress. Elsewhere, hail battered Ohio and heavy rain delayed the U.S. Open in Pennsylvania. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>>> the massive weather system that spawned nearly 20 tornadoes over the past 24 hours , moving to the east, creating a dangerous situation tonight in big metropolitan areas , tom costello following it from washington , where it's a wild day. tom, good evening to you.

>> tornado warnings in d.c. , maryland , virginia , throughout the day. a 4-year-old hit and killed by a falling tree in virginia . a woman in maryland hit by lightning today and there has been an awful lot of damage. throughout the day, the ohio valley and mid-atlantic in the target zone. several powerful storms with high winds took aim at the region, tossing cars and tearing apart buildings. this afternoon, dark clouds and heavy rain rolled into washington . traveling out of west toward montgomery county and toward washington , d.c.

>> reporter: bringing waterspouts and tornado warnings .

>> it is there, get inside immediately, if you are out and around that area.

>> the storms began popping up last night. bringing damaging winds and rain. a terrifying 45 minutes as firefighters worked to rescue a child and two adults.

>> the vehicle went off the road into a -- a flooded ditch. several different fire departments worked together and were able to rescue.

>> rescuers say all three should be okay. already more than a dozen reports of tornadoes and plenty of lightning. the willis tower in chicago took a direct hit last night. earlier today, as the storms moved through pennsylvania and new jersey, more than 1,000 recorded lightning strikes , every 15 minutes . this morning, in maryland , powerful storms began pulling down trees. in ohio, hail battered cars and in pennsylvania, heavy rain at the u.s. open delayed play. throughout the day, airports from d.c. to new york, canceled or delayed takeoffs and landings as strong line of summer storms took their toll. latest numbers we have, 660,000 people without power, virginia and maryland for the most part, also the delmarva peninsula . all eyes on the skies to see what happens with the wind and rain.

>> the threat includes a big part of the country, including major population centers, meteorologist chris