Nightly News   |  June 14, 2013

Family rescues 27 animals from Colorado fire

Firefighters are making progress in battling a deadly blaze that has become the most destructive wildfire in Colorado’s history. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports from the frontlines where firefighters are holding their ground. So far, two lives have been lost in the wildfire.

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>>> fogood evening. i'm natalie morales in for brian. he will be back on monday.

>>> a fierce fire fight in colorado. the black forest fire has claimed its first victims. 40,000 had to flee from the raging inferno. at this hour, firefighters continue to go house to house, savering wh saving what they can. and finally today, efforts are paying off. miguel almaguer is there for us tonight.

>> reporter: after exploding out of control this week, today firefighters held their ground. the burn zone, 24 square miles , but where there is no fire, there is progress.

>> we made some tremendous ground, especially when it came to the structure protection. i saw a lot of resources in there, heard them on the radio last night. they were really hopping.

>> reporter: thousands of homes saved, but two lives lost. authorities believe a couple was trying to escape when they were overcome by blames.

>> my heart, and i know the heart of this community, goes out to the family and friends they leave behind.

>> reporter: the most destructive wildfire in state history has damaged or destroyed at least 400 homes.

>> oh, jesus.

>> reporter: henry and katie took pictures of their house burning as they fled.

>> take it as a challenge and move on. you have to move on.

>> reporter: today, we found their barn still standing .

>> ten horses, six dogs, three cats, two bigs, four birds, and they all got out.

>> reporter: of the 38,000 people told to evacuate, some revved to leave. dale melke made his family go, but he stayed. using buckets of rain water to save his home.

>> i believe god kept me safe.

>> reporter: these are anxious times for dan brennen, not sure if his house is standing.

>> well, you're a refugrefuge ooyrefugye. how do you describe a situation you never expected.

>> reporter: the rain brief and intermitte intermittent. the forecast should bring favorable conditions for firefighters. the cause of the fire not been determined. a criminal investigation under way.