Nightly News   |  June 14, 2013

Hillary Clinton’s trial run for 2016?

Hillary Clinton took the stage in Chicago, giving a policy speech for the Clinton Global Initiative American conference, on the same week that she rolled out a Twitter account, and a video unveiling her new focus: young children. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>>> still more than three years to go before the next presidential election. lots of folks that could become candidates put themselves out there yesterday and today. testing water at two big conferences. the most prominent, hillary clinton . andrea mitchell is watching all of this and trying to read between the lines .

>> reporter: you can call it a trial run for possible 2016 candidates. hillary clinton back on stage in a rollout, calculated to keep her options open.

>> when women participate in polit politics, the ripple goes through society.

>> reporter: plus her new video.

>> reporter: this is about

>> too small to fail, about giving our kids the tools they need.

>> reporter: takine selfies with twitter, wife, mom, lawyer, flotus, pants icon. and tbd. could be becoming first woman president? her poll numbers have slipped and potential republican competitors seeking the spotlight. in washington, marco rubio .

>> if america is so bad, why are people trying to get in.

>> jeb bush .

>> i won't rehash the results of last november.

>> reporter: he is getting campaign style attention for a comment he made about immigration. and chris christie , who could end up running against hillary. of all the possible candidates, christie the