Nightly News   |  June 17, 2013

Rowhani: US-Iran relations “a wound that has not healed”

When NBC’s Ali Arouzi asked Iran’s new president, Hassan Rowhani, if he would be willing to engage in a direct dialogue with the United States, he laughed and said the answer was complicated.  

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>>> a new man, a more of a moderate. question is, how much change will he bring to iran and the relationship to the u.s. our nbc news tehran chief alli alouzi put it to him today.

>> reporter: the new president of iran and perhaps a new beginning. hasan rouhani , a moderate, won more than half the vote against five more conservative candidates to replace mahmoud ahmadinejad who is as unpopular here as he is in the west. thousands of iranians took to the street to celebrate. many people here want change, more social freedom, a better economy and an end to international sanctions . in a twiced news conference, rouhani offered greater transparency, but said uranium enrichment will continue. my question about u.s. relations drew a revealing answer. would you be willing to engage in direct dialog in the united states . rouhani, who speaks english and understood the question, said it was complicated. he called the u.s./ iran relationship a wound that has not healed and said it was time to move forward, but direct talks are only possible if the u.s. vows never to interfere. the world waits to see if rouhani represents real change or a softening turn as the supreme leader in iran ultimately calls the