Nightly News   |  June 17, 2013

Was Kraft’s Super Bowl ring a gift to Putin?

During a 2005 visit to Russia, Patriots owner Robert Kraft handed his Super Bowl ring over to Russian President Vladimir Putin –  Kraft later said it was a gift, but on Thursday he indicated it had actually been taken from him.  NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> finally tonight, we saw him near the top of the broadcast, russian president vladmir putin meeting with president obama at the g8. but putin has been in the news for another reason. a super bowl ring in his possession for the past eight years. it all started when the owner of the new england patriots took off his ring and showed it to putin . nbc's stephanie gosk picks up the story from there.

>> reporter: vladmir putin shows a real passion for sports, tough, outdoor pursuits. perhaps patriots owner robert kraft felt the super bowl ring is something the russian president would really appreciate. or perhaps the former kgb agent was just dazzled by the bling. one thing for certain, kraft did hand the ring over, and putin never handed it back. the owner later said it was the gift, not the story he told at a carnegie hall gala last thursday night. according to "the new york post," i took out the brick and showed it to putin and he put it on and said i could kill someone with this ring. i put my hand out, and he put it on, and three kgb came around, and he was escorted out. what the russians say, what mr. kraft saying now is weird. a kraft spokesperson said the story was meant to be funny, and kraft is happy that the kremlin has the ring. nobody has tried to swipe your super bowl ring .

>> we caught up with david deale at a charity event.

>> it never leaves arm's distance, never leave it anywhere. the thing is sacred.

>> reporter: if the latest tale is true, putin still has the ring and something got lost in translation . stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york.